Best places to travel in December on a budget

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Need to organize a year-end vacation but dread these displeasing airfares and resort charges? Don’t bother. We have curated a listing of budget destinations you can visit in December and have a journey of a lifetime. This exciting mix of regional and attractive destinations will accommodate every desire and budget.

1. Oman – The First of the Best places to travel in December on a budget

Oman : Best places to travel in December on a budget

When it gets to Middle-eastern journey, Oman frequently becomes overshadowed by its trendy neighbor Dubai. Nevertheless, it’s high time that Oman gains the acknowledgment it merits as a soul-stirring touring destination with sturdy nature and an unmatched legendary appeal. With ordinary temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius, December is the perfect season to traverse Oman’s beautiful Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, surf the golden dunes of Wahiba Sands, and encounter the famed Arabian charm while traveling the Jabrin Fort. Oman is accessible from main Indian cities by immediate flights and if you prefer to book right away, you are bound to get many budget-friendly deals.

2. Thailand

Thailand : Best places to travel in December on a budget

Whether it is in December or not, Thailand Should be on any program of budget travel from India. White sand beaches, buzzing nightlife and lip-smacking street food anticipates you at this Asian gem. Nevertheless, be wary of the sites you choose for your Thailand holiday as it pours in certain portions of the nation in December. Tropical warmth, ample New Year party choices, and a usually lively environment will be the highlights of your year-end tour to Thailand. Budget tourists will enjoy the versatile, affordable, and nonstop flying choices to the Thai capital Bangkok from important Indian cities. For a budget journey to Thailand in December, make sure you pick your travel dates correctly.

3. Nepal

Nepal : Best places to travel in December on a budget

The precise place to experience beautiful landscapes of the Himalayas – Nepal – should unquestionably be on your schedule of affordable travel choices in December. The period produces with its fresh air, bright skies, and pleasingly moderate temperatures – delivering it the perfect time for trekking and excursion. Nepal is an excellent option for you if you need to avoid the hectic city life and be deported to charming, mountainous settlements, wild national parks, and peaceful monasteries. Want more logic to tour Nepal? The Indian rupee is a little heavier than the Nepalese rupee so you can have a sufficient trip without digging your travel funds. If prepared smartly and in progress, you can seize some handsome airfares to Nepal (on direct flights to the capital!). That makes Nepal one of the Best places to travel in December on a budget. So, start organizing now.

4. Malaysia


Malaysia hits a perfect equilibrium within the alluring suave grace and demanding wilderness. It is a country of diversities where you will be entertained with chic restaurants giving gourmet joys and beautiful views as well as little stalls giving sizzling street food you can barely resist. It is also a land that houses large shopping malls and the contradictory, bustling night bazaars. It is a place where you would require to be wasted in the dazzle of city lights and close up discovering yourself in the ruggedness of forests. December produces the most refreshing climate in some parts of Malaysia, giving it the ideal time to tour the country. December also signifies splendid Christmas festivities and illustrations, and interesting New Year gatherings over Malaysia. The country’s capital Kuala Lumpur attaches it to the principal Indian metros over many direct flights.

5. Goa


Certainly, you read that correctly. In the event you relate to that large set of Indians who dread to even hunt flight costs to Goa in December, it’s time you rethink it as a budget destination choice. Goa, with its countless service and food choices and various immediate flight attachments from main Indian cities, makes for the ideal budget destination, indeed in December. Fitting to families, couples, and solo travelers similarly, Goa in December will make you sink in admiration with its unmatchable active touches, reddish sunsets, and pleasant temperatures. Keep in memory that a journey through the first half of December will be extra pocket-friendly than that in the next half. If you organize your tour instantly, you could receive jaw-dropping flight rates from the main metros. 

6. Udaipur

Rajasthan is practically on everyone’s December travel goal list, thankfulness to the cold climate, and abundance of activities to entertain in. Udaipur, the romantic city of lakes, offers an excellent short trip in December without increasing your travel budget. With plenty of non-stop flight choices, various stay prospects, and riches of restaurants serving royal food, a journey to Udaipur in December will certainly be a significant one. 


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