Top 5 Winter Wear For Women

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Winter Fashion for women can be quite tricky as it often requires layering, and we can say really, what’s more comfortable than a pair of sweatpants and an oversized sweatshirt? In most cases you can’t wear that out of the house, but there are some other must-have outfits for every women’s winter wardrobe which are a little more people-friendly.

5 Outfits Women Need in Their Winter Wardrobes

Black With Texture

You can never go wrong with all black in the winter, with or without a pop of white or some other color. But a complete black outfit from head-to-toe can get boring though, so it’s important that you play with different textures or shades.

Naughty and Nice

Winter is another chance to wear those tall black boots and black tights. They add an edge to an innocent dress with a neutral shade. The dress below the eye-catching coat could even be described as romantic, so it’s perfect for the chilly winter date nights.

Every woman should wear a coat that makes her feel powerful and beautiful. For some, it may be as simple as a bright red solid shade. The important features here are:

  • The length (which will help keep your thighs warm in a dress)
  • Warmth without the bulkiness
  • Deep pockets that can house everything from your cell phone and keys to a pair of gloves

Layered Neutrals

Layers are very necessary in cold weather. Some of the times you might have to layer your clothing in ways you never expected, simply to stay warm and cozy. Having neutrals on hand make it much easier to put together on an outfit very quickly. Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring, nor does it mean everything has to be from one family color (like brown).

Simple and Chic


Winters Fashion’s another easy go-to choice that will take you almost anywhere, and this one is probably best suited for the earlier or late days of winter when the temperature isn’t tremendously low. This is a combination you would probably already have in your wardrobe though you may have never thought to put on a sweater dress with your jeans. Depending on your shoe, hat, and jacket choices, this basic outfit choice could be dressed up or down for almost anywhere – even work, if jeans are permitted.

For Truly Casual Days

There are few days in winter when you need something that falls one step between pajamas and something that you’d wear to work. This type of outfit only needs a warm winter coat to keep even warmer on really chilly days.

Winter Fashion Can Be More Than Functional

If you ever feel like you have fallen into the trap of erring on the side of frumpy in favor of staying warm, that’s totally understandable! If you are craving for those more fashionable choices to get you through the coldest season of the year though, know that they’re out there. You don’t have to go on a shopping spree for them, since many of the pieces are staple items that can be worn several times per week, year after year.


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