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Celebrating the Festival of Lights: Best Diwali Vacation Destinations in India

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Diwali, the festival of lights, is a time of joy, togetherness, and vibrant celebrations in India. As the country gears up for this spectacular festival, what better way to make the most of the Diwali vacation than by exploring some of the best destinations across the nation? In this comprehensive blog, we will take you on a journey to discover the enchanting places to visit during Diwali in India, offering a perfect blend of cultural richness, festive fervor, and unforgettable experiences.

Jaipur, Rajasthan: The Royal Radiance

Known as the Pink City, Jaipur in Rajasthan transforms into a regal canvas of lights during Diwali. The city’s historical monuments, including the Hawa Mahal and City Palace, are adorned with thousands of lights, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. The markets come alive with traditional decorations and the aroma of sweets, making Jaipur a perfect destination for those seeking a royal Diwali experience.

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh: Diwali on the Ghats

Experience the spiritual essence of Diwali in Varanasi, one of the oldest cities in the world. The ghats along the Ganges River are illuminated with countless diyas (earthen lamps), creating a divine ambiance. The Ganga Aarti during Diwali is a sight to behold, as the river sparkles with the reflections of the flickering lamps. Varanasi offers a unique blend of cultural rituals and the joyous spirit of Diwali.

Amritsar, Punjab: Diwali at the Golden Temple

Celebrate Diwali in the heart of Sikhism at the Golden Temple in Amritsar. The temple is adorned with thousands of lights, and a grand display of fireworks adds to the festive fervor. The community kitchen, or langar, serves special Diwali sweets to the devotees. The Golden Temple during Diwali is a symbol of unity, peace, and the shared joy of the festival.

Goa: Beachside Diwali Celebrations

For those looking to celebrate Diwali in a more laid-back and beachy atmosphere, Goa is the ideal destination. While the streets and markets are lit up with traditional lamps, the beaches offer a unique experience. Many resorts and beach clubs organize special events and firework displays, providing a perfect blend of cultural festivities and a tropical holiday vibe.

Kolkata, West Bengal: Diwali Amidst Cultural Extravaganza

In Kolkata, Diwali is celebrated with a unique touch of cultural elegance. The city, already famous for its grand Durga Puja celebrations, continues the festive spirit with Diwali. From beautifully decorated pandals to cultural events showcasing dance and music, Kolkata offers a diverse and vibrant Diwali experience. Don’t miss the mouth-watering sweets and street food during your visit.

Udaipur, Rajasthan: Diwali on the Lakes

Known as the City of Lakes, Udaipur is a magical destination during Diwali. The reflection of illuminated palaces and havelis in the tranquil lakes creates a fairy-tale-like atmosphere. The grandeur of the City Palace and the traditional decorations in the local markets make Udaipur a captivating place to celebrate Diwali.

Mysuru, Karnataka: A Royal Diwali

Experience the charm of Diwali in the cultural capital of Karnataka, Mysuru. The Mysuru Palace is illuminated with thousands of bulbs, creating a breathtaking sight. The entire city comes alive with cultural events, processions, and a grand display of lights. Mysuru’s unique blend of tradition and grandeur makes it a memorable Diwali destination.

Kochi, Kerala: Diwali with a Coastal Twist

Head to Kochi for a Diwali celebration with a coastal twist. The picturesque backwaters, heritage sites, and the fusion of cultures make Kochi a unique destination. During Diwali, the streets are adorned with lamps, and cultural performances add to the festive charm. Explore the spice markets and enjoy the delectable cuisine for a truly diverse Diwali experience.

Delhi: Diwali at India Gate

The capital city, Delhi, transforms into a dazzling spectacle during Diwali. India Gate, along with other historical monuments, is beautifully illuminated, creating a stunning backdrop. The markets in Delhi are a shopper’s paradise during Diwali, offering everything from traditional attire to festive décor. The grandeur and energy of Delhi during Diwali are truly unmatched.

Puri, Odisha: Diwali with a Maritime Touch

Experience Diwali with a maritime touch in the coastal town of Puri. The Jagannath Temple is beautifully lit, and the entire town is adorned with lights and decorations. The beach adds a serene backdrop to the festive celebrations. Witness the traditional customs and rituals that give Diwali in Puri a unique cultural flavor.

Tips for a Memorable Diwali Vacation:

Plan in Advance:

With Diwali being a popular festival, especially for travel, it’s advisable to plan your vacation well in advance. This includes booking accommodation, transportation, and any special events or tours you plan to attend.

Immerse Yourself in Local Traditions:

Diwali is not just about the visual spectacle; it’s also about the traditions and customs. Take part in local celebrations, attend cultural events, and witness the rituals to truly immerse yourself in the festive spirit of the destination.

Sample Local Cuisine:

Diwali is a time for indulgence, and what better way to indulge than by sampling the local cuisine? Each destination has its unique festive delicacies. From Rajasthan’s sweet ghewar to Bengal’s delectable sandesh, treat your taste buds to the diverse flavors of Diwali.

Participate in Community Activities:

Many cities and towns organize community activities during Diwali, such as rangoli competitions, cultural shows, and parades. Participate in these events to connect with the local community and share the joy of the festival.

Capture the Moments:

Diwali is a visually stunning festival, with cities and towns bathed in the warm glow of diyas and colorful lights. Capture these moments on camera to create lasting memories of your Diwali vacation. Don’t forget to take part in the local tradition of lighting lamps and candles.

Respect Local Customs:

While celebrating, it’s essential to respect local customs and traditions. Be mindful of noise levels, especially during firecracker displays, and follow any specific guidelines or restrictions imposed by the local authorities.

Experience Diwali Shopping:

Diwali is a prime time for shopping, with markets buzzing with activity. Take some time to explore local markets, bazaars, and street vendors selling festive goods. It’s an excellent opportunity to pick up unique souvenirs and gifts.

Stay Safe:

Diwali is known for its firecracker displays, and while they add to the festive atmosphere, it’s crucial to prioritize safety. Be cautious of firecracker use, especially in crowded areas, and follow all safety guidelines to ensure a joyful and incident-free celebration.

Connect with Locals:

One of the best ways to experience a destination is by connecting with its people. Strike up conversations with locals, learn about their Diwali traditions, and perhaps even join in their celebrations. This personal touch can add depth to your travel experience.

Relax and Reflect:

Amidst the festive fervor, take some time to relax and reflect. Whether it’s sitting by a serene beach or enjoying the tranquility of a historical site, find moments of peace to appreciate the significance of Diwali and the cultural richness of the destination


Diwali is a time of joy, unity, and cultural richness, and each of these destinations offers a unique perspective on the festival. Whether you prefer the royal elegance of Rajasthan, the spiritual vibes of Varanasi, or the beachy bliss of Goa, India provides a plethora of options for a memorable Diwali vacation. As you embark on this festive journey, may the lights of Diwali illuminate your path and bring joy, prosperity, and unforgettable memories. Happy Diwali!