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Smart Travel Tips– How to Keep Your Travel Bag Lighter

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Sometimes, we get too excited about the trip that we are overwhelmed with the things we think we need to bring. But, in reality, bringing several items to your travel could give you so much hassle. Traveling light is a wise move to enjoy your trip. The minimal approach will help you become more mobile and comfortable during your trip.

Sometimes, we get too excited about the trip that we are overwhelmed with the things we think we need to bring. But, in reality, carrying a heavy travel bag could give you so much hassle. Traveling light is a wise move to enjoy your trip. The minimal approach will help you become more mobile and comfortable during your trip. 

Why Should You Carry a Lighter travel Bag?

Packing lightly is a smart move for most frequent travelers. You do not have to spend much time on packing your travel bag. You only need to forethought the weather at our destination to pack the right clothes. When you are at the airport, you do not have to worry about additional baggage fees. Also, you can go somewhere en route to your destination.

Pack Lighter Fabrics

Pack lighter clothes. Suppose you are traveling to a destination with cold weather, dress in layers. It is better to pack thin fabrics than those bulky sweaters and coats. A single heavy coat would take much space inside your bag. 

A few shirts, base layers, and jeans are already perfect for your vacation. You do not need to bring a month-worth of clothes. If you are worried about what to wear, doing laundry during your travel is cheaper than paying an additional fee for checking a bag.

Do Not Take Laundry Items

There’s no need to pack several clothes in your travel bag for long trips as you can find several laundry services during your travel. Ask your hotel if they offer laundry services, or you can drop your laundry at the laundromat and pick it up by the afternoon. You will not need to bring laundry items and additional wears for your travel.

Final Thoughts

Although the exact packing list for every trip varies with the destination, the length of the trip, weather, and activities are the core principles in traveling smart and lighter travel bag as far as possible. Learn to deal with the packing constraints to help you enjoy your trip freely without any additional costs art the airport.

Make your travels more comfortable and faster with these travel tips on how to pack lightly:

Choose the Right Bag

You might ask yourself how you can pack lightly by choosing the right bag? Well, if you will use a smaller travel bag, you will reduce the chances of packing additional items. By that, you will only have to prioritize what you need for the trip.

Backpacks could be the best and most versatile choice. YOu can easily carry them around. Also, there are travel backpacks available in the market that has packing and organizing feature.

Strictly Follow a Packing List

Most of the first-time travelers are overprepared,, and they pack half as much. It would be best to create a list of the things you must-have over the trip. If it is not on the list, you do not need it.

Pack lightly and be flexible during your travel, be open to changes, and deal positively with situations if they come.

15 Amazing things to do in Goa

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It’s hard to consider GOA past brilliant sand seashores, the precious stone blue water, and gatherings. Look past the seashores. It is rich in culture and its innovation allows you to recall history. It’s a Portuguese culture. Its natural food imbued with European flavors is generally inaccessible in the advantage of Goa. Hence there are many amazing things to do in Goa.

“The whole movement goal is not to go to an unknown country, but to go as an unknown nation to its own country.” It is one such spot which offers you the best. Things you can do in Goa during your trip to Goa

  1. Visit Spectacular Beaches

The excellent sea, the brilliant sand sea shores, the Palm trees will give you recollections forever time. There is no preferred spot to be languid over on one of the sea shores in Goa. North and South Goa both are secured with fabulous sea shores. The best season for sea shore visit is among Christmas and New Year and during summers in May. Palolem sea shore, Agonda sea shore, Baga sea shore, Colva sea shore, Dona Paula sea shore, Calangute sea shore are a portion of the most loved sea shores among vacationers. One can appreciate the sea shore, different water sports and absorb the sun during the visit. 

  1. Some Exciting things to do in Goa – Appreciate Water Sports 

In the event that you are a daredevil and love water sports, Goa is your place to be. It offers a wide range of water sports Windsurfing , Jet skiing, Speed vessels, Scuba jumping, Banana tube pontoon ride, Knee and wake boarding being a couple of them. Calangute sea shore, Anujna sea shore, Baga sea shore offer you the best water sports. 

  1. Visit the Casino’s 

Betting is not any more a game. Betting is normal in Goa with both on shore and seaward club, not many of them of universal norm. The vast majority of the on shore gambling clubs can be found on vessels tied down in the Mandovi River. Deltin Royale and Casino pride are the best among seaward gambling clubs. Gambling club pride being the less expensive of the two. 

  1. Relish the Street Food 

Goan curry, singed fish and chilled brew would be in the hitlist for the amazing things to do in Goa of many people and that is not all what it brings to the table you when it come to road food. Very few are aware of the selection of Goa night snacks at the table. An ordinary most loved being potato slashes loaded up with hamburger and shallow singed. For the veggie lovers potato slashes are loaded up with egg and singed. Notwithstanding this the unsurpassed hot most loved being raos omelet. You can them in nearby shacks close to the sea shores. 

  1. Get Some Blessings from God 

It has places of worship, well that is putting it mildly. Old Goa is an UNESCO world legacy site and has numerous holy places. It contains houses of worship subsidiary to different religious circles, including the Se basilica, the Church of S. Caetano, and outstandingly, the Basilica of Bom Jesus which contains the human survives from St. Francis Xavier. 

  1. Feathered creature Watching 

This state is rich with regards to the assorted variety of fowls. On the off chance that you are a winged animal aficionado and need to see the best of Goa’s wilderness and coastline you should remain at boondocks camp. You may also look at the packages brought to the table by Canopy Goa. 

  1. Go for a Bike Ride 

It is best investigated on head of a bicycle. In any case, in the event that you are coming up short on fuel it may be a problem before you locate the following fuel station. Recruit a bike to get around the business sectors and sea shores.

  1. Go for Paragliding 

Fly over the ocean while Paragliding in Goa. On the off chance that you like you can likewise perform Aerobatics over the ocean. Proficient educators will make a captivating paragliding from 15 minutes to 1 hour noticeable all around without arriving on the shoreline of Goa. On the off chance that you need you can book your flight flying videographer. Watch the video to see your groundwork for the flight, the dispatch, arrival and the flight. The game can be delighted in at different sea shores, for example, the Anjuna sea shore, Calangute sea shore, Baga sea shore, Candolim sea shore, Majorda sea shore, Dona Paula sea shore, and so on. 

  1. Ink a tattoo 

Tattoos are about innovative articulation, about distinction or having a place, about custom, disobedience or deifying recollections. One can get a Heena Tattoo or a lasting tattoo done here. It is a home for probably the best tattoo studios in the nation. 

  1. Gathering until Morning 

It is known for its quiet and laid-back culture. During the day while individuals unwind and make the most of their evening, when the sun goes down, Goa is tied in with celebrating. Both North and south Goa please the explorers with their brilliant rundown of clubs that play most recent music blended in with neighborhood beats. Where north parades its colossal nightlife with clubs like Peacock Pub, Havana, Cavala, Shore Bars and Café Del Mar, south additionally brags great rundown party grounds as mambo Joets, and Tito’s you can get a move on and party till the extremely early times of morning. 

  1. Shack Up 

The way of life picture of Goa must be acknowledged when one chooses to leave the advantage of inns and pick one of the shacks directly on the sea shore. At the point when you are here, sit at a sea shore shack and watch the world move apathetically as your taste your beverages and snack on the most delectable luxuries. Simons place sea shore shack, Palm woods, blue corner, Zanzibar are the couple of good places to be at. 

  1. Take the Mandovi River Cruise 

A great method to go through a night in is to take a dusk Mandovi River voyage. This is an excellent way of seeing the backwaters here. The voyage incorporates a live band and artists, some of the time enthusiastic, some of the time dull, performing Goan people tunes and moves. 

  1. Find the Goan Heritage 

Alongside sea shores, it is additionally a place of lovely legacy structures helping to remember the Portuguese who governed Goa. The style of engineering of these estates, manors and legacy houses are a mix of Indian and Portuguese styles. A visit to one of the legacy manors finishes your visit here. It is a slice of ancient Goa.

  1. Witness Turtle Nesting 

The well-known ocean tortoises are in this area. The confined sea shores of this vacationer state are the best places to get a brief look at the uncommon Olive Ridley turtles. A couple of sea shores like the unexplored and quiet sea shore of Morjim go about as the homes of these oceanic animals. Local people attempt to ensure the ocean turtles, its eggs and youthful ones during the turtle reproducing season from September to March each year. 

  1. Goa Dolphin Spotting 

Dolphin watching trips are on offer from many vessel proprietors on numerous stretches of Goa’s sea shores. Take a Fishing Boat Trip and watch the dolphins taking care of in the early morning as viewing these effortless animals in their characteristic living space is an incredible enjoyment. The best an ideal opportunity to watch these animals in the wild is from October to May. There are even numerous expert Dolphin spotting offices which restores your charge on the off chance that they don’t discover you any Dolphin in nature. You will discover these excursions from the sea shores of Palolem in south Goa to Vagator in north Goa however among them the most well known sea shores that is featured for Dolphin spotting trips are Candolim sea shore, Calangute sea shore, Palolem sea shore, Agonda sea shore, Miramar sea shore, Aguada inlet, Dona Paula sea shore and Grande island.

List of Top 10 Best Things to Do in Boston

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You will find several exciting things to do in Boston, Massachusetts. While tens of thousands of people fly in and out of Boston every day, most people probably do not think about Boston as a holiday. But, vacationing in Boston is growing increasingly popular as travelers understand how many items there are to do in this great town and its own New England environs. If you would like to book cheap flight tickets, then visits the Delta Airlines Tickets website to conserve your money and time. Not only is it filled with historic buildings and civilization, but it’s also home to numerous schools, including MIT and Harvard, which makes the town a Mecca for new, innovative thinking.

  1. Find out about Boston History: Recent Boston traveler Fred Palmerino insists you have to learn a little about Boston background as you’re in Boston. An individual could not even learn what there is to learn about Boston’s history in 1 trip, but here are a couple of places to begin.

Paul Revere House: Paul Revere’s house is the oldest construction in downtown Boston. It’s the identical home that Paul and his family lived when he left his renowned messenger trip to warn the militia that the British were coming. In 1908, following the home served as a boarding home for immigrants, the home was restored and reopened. It showcases what Boston national life was like from the 1700s.

  1. Boston Walking Tours: Many businesses and foundations direct many different Boston walking tours. Mr. Palmerino advises that you choose the Freedom Trail walking tour if you would like to know all sixteen sites you will see. The tour takes approximately 90 minutes to finish if you proceed through the Freedom Trail Foundation, so be sure you have your sneakers! Along with the Freedom Trail, it is possible to take other historic tours, frequently with festively dressed tour guides. Boston also includes themed excursions like ghost tours, witch excursions (Check out Salem’s witch excursion – house of the Salem Witch Trials), and the Harvard tour. Take one tour or numerous excursions throughout your journey!


  1. More Boston Attractions: Boston has more to offer than mere history. One of the many Boston attractions, it is possible to find amusement parks, museums, mazes, and considerably more, but do not overlook the character’s natural attractions.

Boston Fall Foliage: New England is impressive in the Fall, and lots of visitors choose this period of the year to go to Boston due to the gorgeous autumn foliage. As you explore the city by train or foot at the crisp, autumn weather, then you will notice a range of bright autumn colors emanating from the leaves on trees around you. Bring a camera to catch the many unique colors: red, orange, brown, yellow, orange. If you wish to get wrapped at the autumn foliage, see Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain, which is just half an hour from downtown Boston and contains over 14,000 shrubs and trees.

  1. Museum of Fine Arts: Even though there are many excellent museums in Boston, the Museum of Fine Arts is the most extensive and well known. The memorial is so vast that you should get a map on entering to ensure that you find the entire museum or the elements you pick. The Museum of Fine Arts is known for its collections of European paintings, American and European decorative arts and furnishings, Egyptian palaces, and Asian fine and decorative arts. Nevertheless, it will have an astonishing assortment of almost every culture and period. Along with the artwork, the museum includes gallery discussions, restaurants, gift stores, and concerts. Please have a look at their site to learn about forthcoming exhibitions and concerts.


  1. Jeff Corwin’s EcoZone: You might have noticed Jeff Corwin on his Animal Planet show The Jeff Corwin Experience. You can now stop by the South Shore Natural Science Center’s EcoZone, which was constructed partly due to Jeff Corwin’s influence. Born and raised in Massachusetts, this nature-enthusiast believed the Nature Center had a segment representing the regional ecosystems. The Nature Center’s EcoZone is enjoyable for the entire family.

Boston Restaurants: Boston is famous for its beautiful seafood restaurants, strategically and conveniently positioned throughout the town. Legal types of fish are among the most popular regional chains. Even though this is a little series, it does not look like a restaurant that would fall to the “series” category. Its relaxing atmosphere and yummy dishes also make it a favorite destination for tourists and locals alike. Along with fish, Boston’s North End, known as Little Italy, occasionally features an array of traditional Italian restaurants, which will give you memories of the older state and genuine Italian hospitality. Fred Palmerino urges that you visit the North End from the day to take part in one of those conventional Italian Saints Festivals then remain for a fantastic dinner in case you see Boston in the summertime time.

  1. Boston Metro: You can surely push in Boston. However, it’s also called America’s walking city. Mr. Palmerino states, “In case you wish to have to know the town, wear your walking shoes – you can get nearly anywhere in Boston with the Boston Metro. But do not worry – that the “T” has undergone many renovations since the 19th century. The convenient part of the Boston Metro is their hubs are attached to above-ground train hubs, which bring commuters to Boston from as far away as Rhode Island and New Hampshire.

Boston Accommodations: As it pertains to Boston lodging, there’s something to suit everyone’s budget. Whether you select a high-end, posh resort, or some more middle-of-the-road lodging, ensure you stay in a hotel inside the city limit to benefit from the public transit system and stroll around town. Suppose you’re on a tight budget. If that’s the scenario, you might consider staying at a Boston hostel, you will find a handful scattered around town, and they provide very inexpensive rates if you’re eager to share a room with other travelers. Some offer cheap rooms.

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in California

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California – known as the Golden State, with a zone of around 163,696 square miles, the third-most noteworthy state in the U.S. California holds the best economy of some other territory of the U.S. The state is standard all around for distraction and releasing up. Here are the 10 coolest spots to visit in California for which it is known for! 

Why Visit California? 

There is a fantastic spot to visit in California as a pioneer needs to explore the globe. Truly, there are particular dazing 9 best places in California. Stunning thankfulness to California’s different guest interests. 

There is something for everybody, indeed addicts to nostalgic spots on California map. Therefore, we should inspect them out! 


#1: The Yosemite National Park 

Yosemite National Park, composed in the lap of Sierra Nevada Mountains, is one of the famous spots you need to find in California for its greyscale scenes. 

Expand across 1200 square miles in the area, it has the quiet valleys, enormous wild, and most recognizably, stunning falls. 

Surely, it is a guaranteed power bunch to a short extent of only 30 USD per vehicle. 

The best ideal opportunity to visit Yosemite National Park is from month May to September. Here you can esteem visiting, traveling, outside, and climbing. 


#2: The Disneyland Resort 

Searching for some best places to visit in southern California, by then why not visit Disneyland Resort. 

Disneyland – A recognize that is known for dreams where you can go in space, hit the move floor with Goofy, or take a selfie with superb dream princess, investigate the agitated zones, or plunge altogether under the sea. 

The Disneyland resort has isolated into two occasions assemblages – Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure. It is possibly the coolest spot to visit in California for consistent fun. 

The best ideal opportunity to visit Disneyland is from October to January. You can encounter different Disneyland attractions and delectable food. 


#3: Fisherman’s Wharf and Alcatraz Island 

Fisher’s Wharf and Alcatraz island perhaps the calmest spot in California. It is one of the most striking spots – a region of land rock land with an amazing perspective. 

Fisher’s Wharf and Alcatraz Island are known for their agreeableness. You can encounter a home-like inclination here with close by people. 

You can visit here all around the year and welcome the meeting, incomprehensible fish, and excursion rides. 


#4: Lake Tahoe 

Lake Tahoe – an epic lake sorted out in Nevada. It is encircled by significant ski resorts, stunning seashores, and valiant climbing trails. 

Experience sweethearts dependably look to Lake Tahoe, and it is among possibly the best spot to visit in California for couples. 

You needn’t waste time with a solitary penny to visit the Tahoe. The greatest month to visit Lake Tahoe is month February and March for skiing and the rest ten months for the coastlines and outside exercises. 

Biking, moving, outside, skiing, climbing is the prominent outside attractions on Lake Tahoe. 


#5: Muir Woods National Monument 

Muir Woods National Monument is known for its exceptional 200 feet in length coastline redwood trees. Inclination climbing respects the noteworthy perspective on the Pacific Ocean and Mount Tamalpais. 

It is lovely all-around 356 days, and you can recognize outside, climbing, and moving here. 


#6: Golden Gate Bridge 

It is an uncommon example of a human creative mind, will, and endeavors. It is one of the striking spots of intrigue that bear the coldblooded conflicts of darkness, solid breezes, and tides. Take the necessary steps not to miss the nightfall from this fantastic Golden Gate Bridge. 

The stage is open for the length of the day, dependably, and it is impeccable and available all around the year. Here you can esteem the nightfall, drive, walk, and visiting. 


#7: TCL Chinese Theater and Walk of Fame 

It is observably articulated as the Grauman’s Chinese Theater. It is a delightful, extraordinary marvelous execution place with a popular course of action. 

is eminent among pioneers and close by people considering the way that the TCL Chinese Theater shows the starting late delivered motion pictures. 

The assessment of time to visit here is all around the year, and you can watch splendid movies. 


#8: Balboa Park 

Balboa Park is the social park coordinated in San Diego that ought not to be missed in your California visiting conveyance. 

It has around 16 among show anterooms, stunning nurseries. It has space show passages. Moreover, the Spreckels Organ Pavilion – the most verifiable outside channel organ, actually an exceptional spot! 

Balboa Park is open through the total day, and you can visit here as the year progressed. 


#9: Joshua Tree National Park 

It is one of the incredible spots to visit in California. In the midst of the two deserts, Joshua Tree National Park has a bounty of by and largely moved vegetation and untamed life. 

The National Park is striking for its Joshua Trees – front line lives leaves with bewildering branches. With the critical dull night, it is one of the adulated spots to visit in southern California for ordinary life assessment. 

You can visit here at whatever purpose of the year. Joshua Tree National Park is dependably open. You recognize here outside, rock climbing, official tasks, and so on. 



California has spectacular engaging spots to encounter trips with your children and friends and family. There are different conspicuous spots zones that you can visit. Put forth an attempt not to abandon a noteworthy possibility! Book your tickets with JetBlue Airlines and you can get extra more understanding concerning JetBlue Airlines Cancellation Policy. additionally, have a staggering chance to visit in California.

Three Places That Spells ‘WEIRD’ in Bold

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The world is filled with weird travel destinations that are yet to be solved. Mysteries that ignite a sense of adventure. Mysteries that become the prime attraction for tourists and travelers. Mysteries that you simply cannot ignore because it is unsaid and unheard of. Some of these worldly mysteries don’t even make sense and that’s what adds it to most of our bucket list- because the curious mind seeks answers to questions that might not even exist.



Since there are so many extraordinary indulgences of mystics in and around the world, we (From have picked up the choicest few and unraveled their stories for you to indulge in the comforts of your home- let’s face it, guys! Nobody’s backpacking anytime soon and learning about the worldly weirds in these weird times is the wisest thing to do, isn’t it?



Housing the earliest churches found in the age-old era of the fourth century and among the earliest Christian civilizations, Armenia is one of the places that excite our adventure chords. Surrounded with Turkey in the West, Azerbaijan in the East, Georgia in the North and Iran in the South, this historic country has numerous knots to untangle.Armenia is a country that takes the game of chess very seriously and is taught as a compulsory subject in the country’s schools. Yes, you heard that right! The country’s obsession with chess is way too serious to be marked as normal. Besides that, Yerevan, which is Armenia’s capital city is known as ‘Pink City’, since the entire city is filled with ancient buildings carved from a pink volcanic rock. Interesting, right?



A rebel of a country, Belarus opted to stay isolated when all its neighbors in Eastern Europe were signing up to join the EU, post the Soviet union’s fall. Historians and archaeologists believe that some of the oldest evidence of humans are found here that are not less than ten thousand years old. One of the renowned tribes from this area is the Slavic tribes, who later made their residential state named Kievan Rus along with the Scandinavian tribes. The place has more than your imagination could offer; starting from fairy tale castles to rolling hills with concrete statues on top, and old-school traditional windmills- this place is definitely different in a pleasant way. The weird element about Belarus is its Museum of Malformations of the Human body, which is a combined enterprise of spooky and wacky!


North Korea

North Korea is synonymous with mystery and controversy, hand in hand. A country that is pulled back by the government in extremes, it is crucially impossible to be a tourist in the country since the government decides and controls who comes in the country and who leaves- spooky! The country might be strict and have a halo of negativity around it, but its scenic beauty makes up for it for sure. If aesthetics were a country, we would name is North Korea. No wonder beauty can be found amidst the most unusual things and circumstances.

How to Save Money Effectively While Traveling

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Many of you when you travel wonder why you and your friends travel together in the same place and the cost of your trip is more than yours? The answer is “experience, tips to spend”. Some of the following tips to help you save money while traveling will help you build a clear spending plan for a cheap, economical trip.



Experience Saves Money While Traveling

Make a specific spending plan

During the trip, you have many places to go, so many gifts to enjoy and also a lot of souvenirs you want to buy as gifts. So the amount you pay will also increase with the number of amusement parks you go, where you eat or shop, and at some point, it may exceed the amount you bring with you if you do not pay attention and have a science spending plan.


Noting down on a notebook of your expenses will help you control your money. Planning a specific budget is an experience that will save you money when you first travel. Like this, before each trip, prepare yourself a notebook and a pen. 


For what? At the end of each day of visiting, you unfold it and record what you have spent today, for example, rental accommodation, rental of transportation, meals, shopping….


This travel experience will help you know how much money you have spent, and realize what is unnecessary. From there, rebalance your spending the next day. And remember not to buy unnecessary things.


Bring some supplies and food from home

Many people are afraid to travel but also have to carry a pile of things. But this experience saves you money while traveling is really rewarding. Because the prices of some utensils and dishes in tourist destinations are often very expensive, especially if you go to the island (this is for sure). 


Therefore, if possible, prepare some snacks (bread, cakes, instant noodles …), drinks, fruits, personal belongings (shampoo, shower gel, sunscreen, hats, sandals, etc.). This will save you a small expense that is not small at all.


Reduce the cost of aircraft, boats or trains

How to reduce? That is if you intend to travel, plan to “hunt for tickets” from 6 months to 1 year in advance. Visit the websites or follow facebook of some airlines, ships, boats, … to get information about discounts, offers, or attractive voucher programs.


In addition to signing up for emails to receive promotions and follow, you should also book tickets on weekdays rather than weekends. Because tickets to the weekends are usually more expensive than regular tickets. 


Moreover, adding to you an experience that saves money when traveling with cheap prices, direct flights are often more expensive than multi-sector flights. So, try to find out in advance whether the flight that you fly directly is cheaper or flying more cheap flights. If flying more than one route is cheaper, what’s the crime without booking right away?


Departing at night

This is also an experience to help you save money when traveling extremely well. Because fewer people travel at night, the fare will be a bit cheaper. Moreover, when traveling at night, you will not lose an extra amount of rent for your hostel or hotel to wait for your morning trip.


Get in the car and take a nap, the next morning you are already at the tourist spot. Moreover, the rest stops at night are also very interesting (if you go by car). Then why not try this new experience.


Take public transport or rent a self-drive car

Bonus for you an experience to help save money while traveling too: Use public transport or rent a self-drive car. In some countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, the UK, … or domestic tourist destinations such as Hanoi, Saigon, … public transportation is very developed, popular, and extremely cheap. These facilities are everywhere, so it can take you to any tourist destination you want. If you do not know “how to use” them, you can go to Facebook or the forum to get advice and help from native speakers.


In addition to public transport, you can also save on travel costs by renting a self-drive car (motorbike, bicycle). This also helps you to be proactive in moving to tourist destinations and visiting delicious restaurants.


In short, if you want to save travel costs, minimize the use of taxis, walk when possible, use public transport, and rent a self-drive car.


Don’t stay in a hotel

Especially during the tourist season, hotels are often very expensive. So, as experience helps to save money when traveling, if possible, you should not stay at a hotel. Stay in budget motels, homestays, or Dom because you’re out most of the time. However, no matter how you stay, you should choose locations near the center and convenient for traveling and eating.


Best Vacation Spots for Couples in the US

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Travel is probably the best intention for keep the sentiment alive. It’s an incredible chance to become acquainted with another accomplice or invest quality energy with your adored one, away from the worries of day by day life. Regardless of whether you are arranging an escape for Valentine’s Day, your commemoration, or for a long end of the week, there are a lot of couple-accommodating areas that are ideal for your sentimental break. For thoughts, read this rundown of the best get-away spots for couples in the US. For more information you can contact on Spirit airlines contact number.


  1. Santa Clause Fe, New Mexico 

With a particular engineering style of low-threw, earth-hued adobe structures discovered no place else in the nation, New Mexico’s capital is charming in all seasons. Santa Clause Fe wakes up with lilacs and forsythias in the spring, lights decorate housetops as the smell of consuming piñon wood fills the air in the winter. Hotter months bring in the open air feasting at first rate eateries serving genuine Southwestern charge, just as outside celebrations, and markets selling people craftsmanship. 


Go for a walk through the Downtown Plaza and side boulevards, halting at Chapel Loretto to appreciate its secretive winding flight of stairs. Look over craftsmanship displays on Canyon Road, including the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, bragging the biggest assortment of her Southwestern-motivated scenes. A short drive from downtown, you can connect with your internal identity at the Meow Wolf vivid workmanship display. 


  1. New York, New York

Restless in Seattle made the head of the Empire State Building an absolute necessity visit for couples, and it’s one of the most sentimental spots in New York. The city that never rests has such a great amount to offer. Serenade your darling in a dinghy on Central Park Lake encompassed by staggering perspectives on the Manhattan horizon, get a Broadway show, appreciate a heavenly dinner at a gourmet café, and end the night clasping hands under the stars of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History. 


In the winter, there’s no preferable spot over New York for the occasion lights and embellishing retail facades. Ice skate at Wollman arena on the East Side of Central Park to the tune of bubbly melodies and afterward share a solidified hot cocoa at Serendipity 3 only a couple of squares away. Book your flight ticket via calling on American airlines customer service


  1. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

America’s first national park is a 2.2-million-section of land wild rich with untamed life and characteristic marvels, from the stunning Old Faithful and Steamboat fountains to the Grand Canyon cascade of Yellowstone. Put in a couple of evenings at Lake Yellowstone Hotel and Cabins, the most established lodging inside a national park, disregarding the biggest high height lake, or at the world’s biggest log lodge at the Old Faithful Inn to completely encounter all that Yellowstone brings to the table. 

Take a safari through America’s Serengeti at Lamar Valley for huge groups of buffalo and sightings of elk, pronghorns, and dim wolves. Make the close by wilderness town of Cody, Wyoming a visit for a genuinely Wild West experience, with a night rodeo and log lodges of the scandalous fugitives, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and remain at the notorious Buffalo Bill’s Irma Hotel, worked by the town’s organizer, the amazing Buffalo Bill Cody. 


  1. Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale is desert polish at its best, with fantastic extravagant hotels, spas, and fairways in a sublime setting. Go for a walk down Main Street, fly into one of the galleries, and exploit many cafés. Get up right on time for a significant sight-seeing balloon ride over the Superstition Mountains and appreciate a champagne toast and cookout back ashore, a tasteful convention going back to eighteenth century France. 


On the off chance that you have a hunger for experience, get your boots filthy as you make the laborious consent up Camelback Mountain. You’ll be remunerated with clearing perspectives on the Valley, boasting rights, and, in particular, an exceptional involvement in your darling. 


  1. Savannah, Georgia

As the most established city in the Peach State, Savannah is enchanting, with oak trees embellished with falling Spanish greenery, dignified chateaus, and notable squares. With warm climate all year and flourishing social and culinary scenes, Savannah makes for a perfect Southern escape. 


Relish great nurseries and the wonderful drinking fountain of Forsyth Park. Go for a stroll through the tree-concealed boulevards to River Street disregarding the Savannah River, where you can search for keepsakes and have bona fide Southern food at riverside cafés. Discover which houses in the Historic District are spooky on a mobile phantom visit. Take a drive out to Bluff Drive in the Isle of Hope to see before the war houses and curious cabins opposite the Intracoastal Waterway. 


  1. Molokai, Hawaii

Molokai is not normal for some other Hawaiian island: the pace is more slow, the structures are shorter than the coconut trees, and there are no super retreats or luau parties. Known as the “Benevolent Isle,” it is perfect for encountering legitimate Hawaii. 


Join culture with experience on a climb through Halawa Valley to one of its falling cascades, guided by one of the relatives of the first occupants of this rich heaven. Remain at the Hotel Molokai, arranged on a quiet stretch of palm-bordered sea shore. Offer goliath, hot sweet bread spread with cinnamon, margarine, or strawberry cream cheddar. Consume off those calories by kayaking in the quiet waters teeming with ocean turtles. Show your affection for your accomplice by picking your own plumerias at the Molokai Plumeria Farm and hanging them together for a lei. 


  1. Selling Hills, Ohio

Set apart by taking off precipices, cascades, rough gives in, and rich backwoods, Ohio’s Hocking Hills area is one of the Midwest’s most excellent goals. Found 50 minutes outside Columbus, it appears to be a world away from the clamor of the city. In any event, during the busiest season, you won’t see swarms at the regular attractions of Ash Cave and Old Man’s Falls in Hocking Hills State Park. 


Get that adrenaline siphoning at Hocking Hills Canopy Tours as you zipline over the spouting Hocking River and verdant woodland, an encounter intensified by the splendid shades of harvest time. On the off chance that your concept of sentiment includes heart-dashing activity, trust the aides at the High Rock Adventures to rappel down bluffs. Put in a couple of evenings in the extravagance yurt at the Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls, which comes outfitted with comfortable goods and a chimney. 


  1. Snowmass, Colorado

While thousands rush to the stylish ski resorts of Aspen, the neighboring little hotel town of Snowmass, Colorado stays uncrowded and straightforward. Found eight miles from downtown Aspen, this winter play area and summer mountain goal appreciates 300 days of daylight a year. It has the second biggest vertical drop in the United States, in excess of 3,000 sections of land of mountain territory, and a lot of chances to make the most of its normal excellence on twilight journeys or fly fishing and boating trips. In the event that you are visiting in the late spring, don’t miss the Snowmass Balloon Festival, one of the most elevated height occasions of its sort in the nation. 


  1. Huge Sur, California 

The rough, precipitous zone of California’s Central Coast has pleasant perspectives and lodgings perfect for a sentimental shoreline get-away. The drive to Big Sur, settled among Carmel and San Simeon, on Highway 1 is stunning, embracing the surprising coastline with a sensational sea sees every step of the way. Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park is an unquestionable requirement visit, home of the most shot cascade in California spilling onto a confined sea shore. 


While there are a lot of resort alternatives, to completely appreciate the magnificence of Big Sur, remain at Treebones Resort offering glamping in yurts with agreeable comforts to appreciate natural isolation with your adored one. For more structure, book a stay at the Esalen Institute, a cliffside retreat focus giving workshops to assist you with bettering interfaces with each other. 


  1. San Francisco, California

With unimaginable perspectives, notorious milestones, and tasty food, the City by the Bay is a stunning goal on the Western Coast. Walk or bicycle over the Golden Gate Bridge at nightfall, meander the finished nurseries of San Francisco Botanical Garden, and take a Cable Car ride visit through the city’s features. Appreciate a delightful dinner at probably the best café in the North Beach or Marina areas. Late spring may bring the haze, however the fog clears in the nick of time to hit the seashore. On the off chance that you love music, head to the Stern Grove Music Festival (hung on Sundays) at the Sigmund Stern Grove for a cookout and furrow to the lively beats. 


  1. Key West, Florida

Despite the fact that inside driving good ways from significant urban communities in Florida, Key West appears to be a world away, with interesting avenues, blustery sea shores, and Conch-style houses flanked by bright gardens. This island city and crown gem of the Florida Keys is best investigated by bicycle. You’ll skim past a nineteenth century storybook house with white picket wall, as the smell and magnificence of hibiscus, orchids, plumeria, and rich bougainvillea whisk your considerations away. 


Entirely soon, you will go over the home of Ernest Hemingway in the core of the Old Town, where you can get a brief look into his life and meet the relatives of his six-toed felines. For open air fun, take a dusk cruising journey, go swimming in the warm waters, or take a seaplane to close by Dry Tortugas National Park. Pause for a minute to praise your adoration viewing the dusk and the road exhibitions at the incident Mallory Square, inside strolling good ways from the renowned Duval Street. 


  1. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is great, with its cobblestone avenues, notable chateaus, superb oaks, and the aroma of magnolia that fills the air in the hotter months. The most seasoned city in South Carolina has numerous exceptional contributions for couples. Participated in a goat yoga class at Jeremiah Farm and Goat Dairy followed by a cookout under the great 500-year-old Angel Oak Tree on John’s Island, a short good way from downtown Charleston. Stroll along the Battery to appreciate perspectives on Rainbow Row, a progression of pastel-hued houses.


Travel Envision | Your First Choice

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People who think that God’s beauty, is gathered in one place, they should change their mind, and search more about the world, their hardships will end in few seconds, but nature’s charm will not end. 

Travel envision is the vision for travelers, tourist, and their audience, for making them experience some of the most beautiful features of nature. They will take you, to the enchanting view of charm on Earth.

Their perception is to bring people more closer through traveling. They intend to involve more people in activities, explore more about the world. 

Their offers are for those people who wanted to go outside, from their native land and explore the beauty of the world. Because God gives you only one life. 


People who think that God’s beauty, is gathered in one place, they should change their mind, and search more about the world, their hardships will end in few seconds, but nature’s charm will not end. 

Travel envision is one of the popular sites for traveling in India.

Travel envision provides the best packages, of honeymoon for new couples in America, England, and other western countries.


When you begin the new journey of your life after marriage. You just need to give each other pleasure time, for understanding each other, and by traveling on honeymoon among high creamy hills, and glacier lakes. You will pass some romantic movements and experience the stunning charm of nature and beautiful places. 


When you go into the tour’s section of travel envision, you will see the vast range of tours that are waiting for you to bring more adventures in your life. The organization offers you the easy packages, and a complete kit of traveling, that you need while traveling, they will provide a guide traveler during your tour, who will know the historical places, famous restaurants, culture, tradition, and customs of that territory. You do not need to google it, the guide traveler will know everything about the place. All information will be on your tips, you will not worry about that.


Travel envision will not provide you 3 or 4 days packages, your packages will be decided according to your gathering, that how much people will you want to take on the tour for traveling, so days and nights will not matter, they can be extended according to your requirements. Because travel envision has a vision that the people who go for traveling, should be able to enjoy fruitfully, and pass their best movements of life, there will not be a lack of management, everyone from the management will treat you as a friend. You will not hesitate while discussing anything.


For your confirmation about management, you should have an eye on reviews, which are written by our honorable and regular customers.

Then you will see how satisfied they were from our management.

You will see the continent wise tours on travel envision. Because we have the perception that if a person has intended for traveling, he should have a vast range of list in front him, so travel envision provides you the variety of choices for traveling, if you are confused about the place where you want to travel, contact us or mail us and then we will quickly guide you.

Travel envision gives its clients, best services to accomplish their traveling goals. Travel envision will try it’s best for removing any kind of hurdles on the way of their customers.


If you want to go on an international tour, or any foreign tourist wants to come to India. Travel envision provides you the visa and its limit according to your wish. You do not need to worry about the days and nights outside your country, you just have to prepare your mind for the stunning journey, because the organization has international clients, which already visited India several times, by travel envision, you do not worry about the procedures and anything else. You just have to make an honest commitment with us, and we do all preparations for your tours.


If you do not have a passport then our services for making your passport are available. You just need to give your authentic documents for passport and your passport will be on your doorstep. This offer is for those, who want to travel with travel envision, because fresh minds, who do not travel, yet. It can have hurdles and as travel envision said above, it will be in our priorities that, we will try best for solving your issues, according to tours and traveling. You just need to have good intentions and control your emotions.


Then we want to meet the client exclusively, for knowing his/her requirements. There will be 2 to 3 meetings with clients for discussing Venues, places, and budgets, everything will be dealing with one on one, with an agreement and handwritten statements, so in future, there will be no confusion for client and management. Everything will be provided to you, will be written on the agreement.


We will provide you flight tickets, everything will be in the package, and you do not need to give extra money.


If you want to meet new people and make the new gathering, with different flavors, travel envision offers you the group tours, which will let you make new friends, new experience because when we meet new people, we are curious about to know them, we spent some life’s time with them, make good memories, and sometimes after the journey, our meet up will never end. It also increases your communication skills, because you learn new things from them like their culture, values. Which you do not know about it before meeting them. 


And if you want to travel with your own family and friends, we provide you domestic tours, the package will be decided on the number of your family members. 


And for hotel booking, we also here to serve you, there are luxury hotels on our list. You can view them, read their details on our website.


Travel envision is in the business for the last 30 years. We know all the new trending things in tourism. Management is running it’s business very successfully and they always try their best for giving you quality arrangements. Awaiting to serve you. Travel Envision!!!!         

Does perfect parenting ever exist?

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Fight like a Girl.

Does perfect parenting ever exist?

Me and my husband will be completing 3 years of our marriage this month and we had plans to have a winter baby. However, we dropped that plan since the corona virus outbreak, since we didn’t want a pandemic baby.


I really regret the times when I have hurt my parents intentionally or unintentionally as a child. But now when I look back at my life, how it has changed and what I have become, I really feel proud of my parents for being such fantastic parents. There is nothing I want to change in my past, everything good and bad experience made me a better and smarter person. I am blessed to be my father’s favourite girl and mother’s best friend. I was always provided with enough freedom which I needed and also restrictions when my parents felt it was needed. I used to receive pocket money only for being a good child otherwise there was no such thing as pocket money. Yet I was always given whatever I asked for, so I never felt the need for money. May be this also saved me from splurging my parents’ money unlike other kids and being self-reliant person when I started earning.



There is only one thing which I wish to change, remove, erase, delete or whatever term you coin it. I wish, in my joint family my parents would have been little more careful about me and may be my siblings and cousins; since our house was filled with majority of girls. I wish they could protect us from sexual abuse, it could sound like a taboo word for a person like me to write something on this topic. But someone has to speak up and let others know it’s ok to share and let it go. I don’t say it was very irresponsible of my parents but some where during my childhood due to lack of awareness, I never felt like sharing with my parents, friends, sisters or anyone, especially when you are the shy kid of the group.


This stayed with me, traumatising my childhood and even later. I feel sometimes, the person who left these scars in my life, will he ever feel the remorse for what damage he has done to me, mentally and emotionally. I was not even in that age to understand what was really happening. This experience has left me with fearful notion of never having a girl child, though it is such a blessing to have a daughter; me being one, daddy’s little princess and mommy’s best friend. But I slowly learnt that even boys are not safe. Yet I can never think about my daughter or son going through the same tragedy by known or unknown people. I would never be able to forgive myself if this ever happens to my kids. But now I feel that the monsters will always be around, the only thing is needed is awareness and alert mind.




Is it really that difficult to teach a boy how to respect a girl and to treat her well and vice versa? Is this ever going to stop? It’s really breaks my heart to read another news about rape, child molestation and sexual abuse. But thanks to some schools for introducing Stranger Danger teachings; making kids aware of sexual abuse and also to approach their parents in case they have had such experience.


With things changes I feel it’s ok to have either a son or a daughter, it doesn’t matter. If it happens to be a son, I want to be that mother who teaches a boy to respect a girl, my mom and my mother-in-law has exceptionally great job with that I can say that. In case I am blessed with a daughter, I want to teach her to fight like girl, don’t give up; stand for yourself and stand for your fellow women.


I hope when you read this blog, you will always remember about teaching your kids to respect and also to make them aware of the monsters in this world. I also hope with this blog, it will leave me with a little peace of mind, lighter heart and finally let things go. I know Me Too movement has already initiated lots of strong women and men to come up and speak against the sexual abuse. This movement actually encouraged people all around the globe to speak up. You can share your story or things which can change the society and it’s way and definitely make this world a better place for everyone. Always remember don’t give up girl, just fight like a girl.

Written By – Pooja Tadgonda – Shes is a creative Artist who works on photoshop , Indesign and Illustrator. She loves to write blogs in her free time and likes to explore new places.


How I found love while traveling ­

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How often do you ? It is rightly said, traveling is for the soul what food is for the body. I was unsure if I really wanted to jump on this journey to Malvan with my husband and his friends until the journey started. This was more than just an experience, at one point I felt like I have opened a Pandora box; chaos, disappointments, clashes but eventually some beautiful experiences and memories too.

Pandora Box

Starting our in the later evening around 10 pm, we reached Karad around early morning at 6 am. It was a very mesmerizing sight for me as I have never had the experience of visiting my own native place.

Golden rays of morning sun filled the fields on either side of the road and not very often you get to see peahens in an open area, not in Mumbai at least. Initially, we did not believe our eyes and thought it would be turkey but yes it was peahens.

We continued our journey through Rajapur ghats, that was a very risky route though but the view was worth it. I would not recommend an amateur driver this route. We halted at Jamsanda katta and misal Pav, I bet you will never find such taste any of Mumbai’s hotels. When you are visiting Malvan, always keep your calendar open for non-vegetarian foods, because you will find all kinds of mouth-watering variety, which you would not like to miss. On reaching our hotel room at Chivla, we had enough time to take an afternoon nap and head out to the beach in the evening. After a short nap, we all dressed for an evening walk at the beach.

Coastal beaches are beautiful and clean too. On reaching the beach, it looked like molten gold in the setting sun. In case you are a water baby, I highly recommend you Malvan, you will find a sense of peaceful mind which I was personally looking for myself. I would also suggest being careful not to venture out after dark.

Chivla Beach

Having heard stories about black magic and other superstitious stories. On entering the village, we saw a food nicely served on a plate next to a naked doll, under a peepal tree near a pond, that gave me a chill for a second. People usually shut down everything by 7:30 pm. I didn’t feel unsafe but walking on a deserted road doesn’t give you good feelings, at least not for a person like me. The best part was awaiting when we reached our , the Shudh Shakahari Malvani Jevan. As I had already mentioned that please keep your calendar open when visiting Malvan, you would not really like to miss on Fry fish, Fish curry, spicy Chicken curry, Rice Bakri, Kombdi wade, refreshing Sol Kadi and all-time favorite Kharwas.


The day that ends with delicious food, I would say it all went well and I found my love, love for beaches and food, the undying one. Following day, we ventured to Vijaydurg, which would follow in my next topic.

Written By – Pooja Tadgonda – Shes is a creative Artist who works on photoshop , Indesign and Illustrator. She loves to write blogs in her free time and likes to explore new places.